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DP-Y921 Hydraulic Medical Chair

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DP-Y925 Hydraulic Medical Chair
  • DP-Y925 Hydraulic Medical Chair

DP-Y925 Hydraulic Medical Chair

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DP-Y925 Hydraulic Medical Chair

DP-Y925 stools for dentist is a masterpiece anatomically designed to provide a high degree of support and comfort to dentists handling patients. 

Medical Chair 

DP-Y925 is built to provide locomotion and comfort as can be seen from its rounded forms and broad five castor base. Its features include:

1.Square anatomical seats with recess in front                                               

2.Gas spring suspension and easy-to-reach adjustments at user's fingertips
3.An adjustable fulcrum for increasing and reducing the height of the chair with an adjustable range of 560-710mm
4.It comes with optional extensions of 910-1060mm
5.Diverse Adjustments for; height, seat tilt and backrest

6.Factory installed base ring of ( 70cm) as an option, aluminium alloy base available

7.Suitable for medical, beauty, sap,tattoo.  

Y921_07  Medical Chair              

Medical Chair 

Medical ChairMedical ChairMedical ChairMedical ChairMedical Chair 

DP-Y921 Hydraulic Medical Chair.Hydraulic Stool with Curve backrest is a seat for estheticians and day spa professionals, has pillow top cushion and wheels, available in black or white and very modern for any spa, resort, clinic or medical industry.    


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