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8 basic services of physiotherapy shop

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May 26,2020

8 basic services of physiotherapy shop

8 criteria for choosing physiotherapy furniture in physiotherapy shops

The market potential of the physiotherapy hall is very large. The reason is very simple. You are also an urban young man who does not like sports and likes to lie on the sofa and play with mobile phones. At the same time, with the development of society, people\'s living standards continue to improve. At this time, people began to pay attention to their bodies. So, do you need to open a physiotherapy shop? Now we will tell you one by one.

Main items of physiotherapy shop:
1. Massage and acupuncture
2. Dissecting the muscle chain, treating the muscle chain
3. Spine treatment, joint treatment.
4. Ordinary root bone treatment
5. Body correction treatment
6. Drugs, fumigation, foot therapy
7. Medical examination, medical examination, consulting services
8. Strengthen immunity and prevent disease consulting services.

8 criteria for choosing physiotherapy furniture in physiotherapy shops
1. To choose the physiotherapy furniture of the physiotherapy shop, you must choose Dongpin physiotherapy bed, electric physiotherapy bed and hydraulic physiotherapy bed.
2. Dongpin physiotherapy bed is divided into two parts and three parts. Different patients can choose different beds for treatment.
3. The physiotherapist work chair produced by Dongpin can be raised or lowered manually, or the foot pedal can be selected to make the physiotherapist move easily.
4. The foot massage chair made by Dongpin can rotate 360 degrees.
5. Dongpin\'s foldable and removable desks are both economical and practical.
6. Multifunctional bed such as physiotherapy bed, foot bath bed, gynecology bed, infusion bed, etc.
7. The physiotherapy bed of Dongpin is welded by robot, with less loss and high efficiency.
8. The Dongpin physiotherapy bed has strong bearing capacity, 200kg at rest, and 150kg in weightlifting.

Dongpin\'s physiotherapy beds are humanized, and everything is dedicated to reducing the workload of physiotherapists.humanized physiotherapy beds

humanized physiotherapy bedshumanized physiotherapy beds

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