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Sep 06,2017

If you want to make a purchase of a massage table ,the first question is whether you need to travel with your table.If you will need to,my advise is get a portable one anyway.Another portable table, this one in white,various color available has the exciting feature of being easy to carry and stability. The Massage table of DP-8218 has a three inch cushion made up of small cell foam covered in a layer of shaped foam. The foam and the water and oil resistant PU upholstery have a five year warranty.

The frame is made of plywood and stainless and uses airplane grade steel cables for stability. At 31 inches wide ,this is a matter of both of personal preference and what will make your clients most comfortable and secure.And a working weight of 330 pounds,working weight is the number you really need to pay attention to.The massage table of DP-8218 is a good choice to make all your clients feel supported. The looks of this massage table is very simple and beautiful That is something I know I’ve said I’d love to have about a thousand times.This table comes with a pillow, padded suspended hand rest, and adjustable face cradle with padding. Many corporate offices will employ massage therapist to come into the office and make themselves available to the staff for short stress-relieving massage.Since you are in an office setting,a massage table like this can be more appropriate and approachable than others.

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