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Beautician's bitterness

Treatment Table
Dec 13,2018

In the eyes of many beauticians, doing beauty is a boundless career. Not only do I often work overtime, but I don’t even have time to eat at the weekend, and often encounter a variety of strange and difficult customers.The beautician really has too much sadness.

1. Hard work.The work of the beautician is very hard, especially the beautician who started from the apprenticeship. In order to hone the technique, she often has a sore arm. After the post, the beautician also needs regular training, learning techniques, and practicing the wrist again and again. It can be said that it is very hard and hard. If the customer complaints are not done properly, they will have to work hard on the massage facial bed after work.
massage facial bed
2. Occupational diseases. The beautician will also bring some illness to the body after a long time, which is called occupational disease. For example, cervical spondylosis, some beauty salon equipment is not perfect, so the beauty bed can not adjust the height intelligently, so the beautician often lowers his head and bends for an hour or more when she is doing facial or back to the customer. The cervical vertebrae are not relaxed, so the cervical spondylosis is formed over time.

Therefore, we recommend that a qualified beauty salon can provide customers with a comfortable massage facial bed, beauty salon equipment, and a comfortable master chair for the beautician. In fact, the state of the staff is good, and it can also drive all relevant things to develop in a good direction!

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