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Sep 21,2019
Wisdom tooth pericoronitis can no longer drag, bravely go to the Dental chair, unplug wisdom teeth.
920 is the world love tooth day, are you going to check your teeth?
Do you know what oral disease is more terrible than toothache? It is wisdom tooth pericoronitis.
What is wisdom tooth pericoronitis, how to deal with wisdom tooth pericoronitis?
Wisdom tooth pericoronitis can no longer drag, bravely go to the dental chair, unplug wisdom teeth.

Wisdom tooth pericoronitis refers to the third molar in the mouth (commonly known as "wisdom tooth") for some reasons can not be erupted smoothly, resulting in inflammation of the surrounding soft tissue after the impact. Due to insufficient eruption position, the wisdom tooth may be incomplete and ectopic or obstructive. The crown part is exposed outside the gum and partially covered by the gum. A narrow and deep blind pocket is formed between the gums and the tooth body, which is easy to accumulate food debris and bacteria. Generally, it is difficult to clean the brushing mouth, and the crown gum is easily damaged by chewing food to form an ulcer. When the systemic resistance is reduced and the virulence of the bacteria is enhanced, inflammation of the tissue surrounding the crown can be caused. In addition, a large number of bacteria multiply in the adjacent gap, and also cause the distal curvature of the second permanent molar (the large tooth in front of the wisdom tooth) and even the inflammation of the dental nerve.

Common symptoms of wisdom tooth pericoronitis
1. Patients with acute periarthritis of the wisdom tooth will have different degrees of mouth opening limitation, pain in the affected posterior region, and swelling of the submandibular lymph nodes.
2. Oral examination revealed that the gums around the affected side of the wisdom tooth are red and swollen, and the wisdom tooth itself is long or the wisdom tooth and the tooth are easily stuffed with dirt, and even the face is swollen. Part of the wisdom tooth erupted or could not erupt at all, the blind pocket was red and swollen and tender, and there were different degrees of inflammatory exudate in the blind bag.
3. The system can have different degrees of chills, fever, headache, constipation and other symptoms, and some patients will have low fever, white blood cells and other phenomena.
4. Chronic wisdom tooth pericoronitis has no obvious symptoms in clinical practice. Only the affected area has slight tenderness and discomfort. When the resistance is decreased, it often causes acute attack.
5. Acute pericoronitis is further aggravated, which can cause infection in adjacent tissues and fascia.

What should I do if I have wisdom tooth crown inflammation?

1. Early diagnosis of wisdom tooth pericoronitis, timely treatment is extremely important. In the acute onset, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, incision and drainage, enhance systemic resistance and symptomatic treatment. After the transition to the chronic phase, the impacted wisdom teeth should be removed as soon as possible.

Be brave and brave, overcome psychological fears and overcome fear of the dental chair. After unplugging, it will not hurt anymore.

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