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DP pays tribute to ”Lafayette”

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Feb 21,2019

"Lafayette" Karl Lagerfeld was confirmed dead on February 19 at the age of 85. Many people feel sorry and regret for his death.

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Speaking of Karl Lagerfeld, the first reflection in her mind is always the signature expression of Chanel's art director, wearing sunglasses, holding a fan, and tying the scorpion behind his head. He occupied the commanding heights of the fashion circle.

As the artistic director of Chanel Chanel, he is not only known as "the Caesar Emperor of the fashion industry", but also began to cross the "hotel" circle around 2014. In fact, luxury brands and fashion masters are not uncommon, such as Versace, Armani, Bulgari, etc., these "brand-name" hotels can be seen in many destinations around the world. Different from other luxury brand cross-border hotels, “Lafayette” did not go far in the hotel field. He was only a small-scale attempt, although he only designed several suites or a swimming pool for the hotel, the distinctive style. Still amazing enough.

Many people say that a person who enjoys life and knows fashion must have a Chanel product;

But I think that a talented person like Lafayette, who is energetic and always young, must be a person who knows how to keep fit. How can I lack a high-end, professional Hair transplant chair at the hotel he designed?
Therefore, a person who will enjoy life and know fashion must have a product of Dongpin - A Hair transplant chair that keeps young and beautiful!

We once again pay tribute to this superstar who knows fashion and loves life!

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