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Can the nasal wash replace the nasal examination?

Treatment Table
Solve your rhinitis problem on the nasal examination chair.
Regular nasal examination and cleaning can help alleviate nasal problems.

The air pollution is now serious, and in the fall, the nose problem has reappeared. Increased nasal discharge, nose congestion, and sneezing.
But how much do you know about the knowledge of washing your nose? If you don't understand, don't use the nasal wash artifact on the market. Improper use will make your rhinitis more serious. Want to cure rhinitis or go to a regular hospital. Solve your rhinitis problem on the nasal examination chair. Don't use the nasal wash device yourself.

The selling points of the market nasal cleaner are:
1. Deeply flush the nasal cavity to the sinus and rinse off allergens and harmful dirt adhering to the nasal cavity.
2. It can also prevent allergic rhinitis, acute and chronic rhinitis and sinusitis.
3. Reduce the symptoms of respiratory diseases such as bronchial and asthma.

But the nasal wash is just a simple cleaning effect and can't cure the disease. Merchant advertisements exaggerate the role of the nasal wash.
Not all nasal diseases require nasal washing. Nasal irrigation in a hospital otolaryngology clinic,
Mainly applicable to four types of patients:
1. Patients with sinusitis with multiple pus
2. Patients who underwent endoscopic surgery
3. Atrophic rhinitis or chronic inflammation of the nasal cavity after radiotherapy for nasal and sinus cancer.
4. People working in extremely harsh environments, such as miners.

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