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Correctly understand the risks of micro-shaping

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Sep 24,2019
Blindly lying on the Micro-shaping bed, can you afford the cost of success or failure?
Impulsively stepping on the Micro-shaping bed, you actually ignore the value of life?

There are hidden immense personalities and worldviews in an immature mind. The young girls who originally hoped to make up for their fragility and low self-esteem through the change of appearance, how many youthful faces can really be in the medical service of the traps everywhere. The cost of living and failing? !

Correctly understand the risks of micro-shaping, don\'t let life be ruined on the micro-shaping bed.
The risk of micro plastic surgery:
1. There are a lot of three black shops in the market without real micro-plastic qualifications, and even a micro-plastic shop with on-site service. Just mention a simple Micro-shaping bed and say that it can serve you. Don\'t believe it.
2. In order to earn more profits, the injection of the beauty needle, Botox may use fakes.
3. The injection position and dosage should be correct. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the beauty seeker. For example, improper injection of botulinum toxin and improper dosage may lead to irregular expression and asymmetrical size of the face.
4. Injecting illegal products, it is more likely to have systemic side effects and even death.
5. The injection doctor lacks qualifications, the injection treatment environment is not disinfected, and the effect is infinitely exaggerated.

Experts advise: micro-shaping should be carried out by a professional plastic surgery institution with plastic qualifications approved by the health department, so as to ensure the safety of the surgical procedure and the better realization of the effect.

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