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Precautions for using a wheelchair

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Mar 25,2021

Precautions for using a wheelchair

    • Consult the elderly

We must take care of the elderly who have limited mobility and need wheelchairs. Don\'t think that putting the elderly in a wheelchair is a simple matter, and improper actions will harm the elderly.
1. Therefore, before assisting the elderly to sit in a wheelchair, they must first understand the physical condition and mobility of the elderly, and communicate with the elderly to inform them that they will rotate their bodies so that the elderly can actively cooperate.
2. After unfolding the wheelchair, please press it with both hands first to check whether the cushion is soft, comfortable and clean. In this way, the elderly can sit comfortably.

    • Check the wheelchair
1. Before using the wheelchair, please check whether the air pressure of the wheelchair\'s pneumatic tires is sufficient? Is the brake intact? Are the pedals and seat belts intact?
2. Unfold the wheelchair and lay it flat, push it to the side of the bed at an angle of 30-40 degrees to the bed, and fix the brake. Raise the pedals to help the elderly; unfold the pedals and place your feet on the pedals to fasten the seat belt; release the parking brake to push.
3. Family members and caregivers should rest the back of the body of the elderly on the back of the wheelchair, and then continue to walk forward after being stabilized.
4. The elderly should not sit in a wheelchair for too long each time. Every 30 minutes or so, relatives or nursing staff should help the elderly stand up or change their sitting posture appropriately to avoid bedsores caused by long-term pressure on the buttocks.
5. In the process of caring for the elderly, many people did not pay attention to details. When caring for the elderly or taking the elderly in a wheelchair, please remember to let the elderly let go and fasten their seat belts steadily to prevent the elderly from slipping and falling. .
6. Before the old man gets on the wheelchair, he must first raise the footstool, and then wait until the old man sits firmly before placing the footstool under the old man’s feet.
7. Many people do not pay attention to the placement of seat belts. For example, after unfastening the safety belt for the elderly, place it on the front of the seat or on the cushion at will. It is easy for the seat belt buckle or seat belt buckle to catch on the wheel. Every time you loosen the seat belt, be sure to place it on the back of the chair.
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