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Hospita lPatient Bed purchase misunderstanding

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Sep 29,2019
Hospita lPatient Bed purchase misunderstanding.
The hospital care bed is one of the most commonly used furniture in the hospital.
Therefore, there are many places in the hospital where the safety and function of the nursing bed should be paid attention to.
A good nursing bed is very important to the hospital, not only to the safety of the patient, but also to the image of the hospital.
So, what are the misunderstandings in the purchase of hospital care beds to avoid?

Hospital care bed purchase error:
1. The hospital care bed is not a simple bed. The idea of buying one piece at random is wrong.
Because a real hospital care bed is a fully functional, reliable and safe bed.

2. Hospital care beds are divided into guardrails and no guardrails. There are two functions of rocker lifting and no rocker lifting. Electric or manual. These functions are related to the effect of hospital nursing beds in practical use, so the most complete and reliable is the choice of electric lift function hospital nursing beds with guardrails.

3. The price of hospital care beds, many hospitals are surprised that a bed is so expensive. I think that it is not necessary to buy such a expensive one, I chose a cheap style. Although a cheap bed does not necessarily mean a problem with quality, an expensive bed and a cheap bed are certainly different in terms of function and service life.

The above 4 points are the misunderstanding of the hospital nursing bed. Everyone can comprehensive cost of care, functional and economic benefits to buy, which can avoid misunderstanding.

Hospita lPatient Bed Hospita lPatient Bed

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