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Nursing home furniture layout

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Sep 30,2019
Nursing home furniture layout
At this stage, the trend of aging is getting bigger and bigger, and modern seniors prefer to live in nursing homes.
Careful care of the elderly by professionals can make the lives of the elderly more comfortable and happy. What kind of furniture should a qualified sanatorium be equipped with? Let me share with you now.

The furniture of the sanatorium must conform to the design concept of environmental protection, safety, accessibility and humanity. Harmony between people, furniture and the environment is the benchmark. Note the place where the sanatorium furniture is arranged:
1.Rest area
The overall furniture should be biased towards a multi-functional type, equipped with a multi-functional nursing bed, so that it is more convenient for the nursing staff to care for the elderly and the elderly to flip the body themselves.
2. Physiotherapy area
Providing electric examination beds for the elderly, physical rehabilitation treatment and chair treatment chairs, so that the elderly do not have to walk back and forth when receiving different treatments, which is conducive to the care of the elderly for treatment.
3. Rehabilitation training room
As the age of the elderly increases, the body functions gradually decline, and various chronic diseases continue to invade. In the training room, with the help of the nursing staff, exercise to improve the ability to live, reduce the risk of illness, reduce mental decline, improve mental state and so on. The OT comprehensive training platform provides exercise for upper limb coordination functions for the elderly. It is suitable for improving finger-to-finger function, improving eye and hand coordination, training perception and brain recognition, and training upper limb stability and coordination. The ability of the upper limbs to exercise every day.

Introduction: Humanized and systematic pension furniture is the key to making older people\'s care more harmonious. The old man is the wealth of society. Today\'s harmonious society and happy life depend on the hard work of the elderly.

Nursing home furnitureNursing home furnitureNursing home furnitureNursing home furniture

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