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Resume work 4 Tips for Epidemic Prevention

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Jun 03,2020

Four magic weapons to resume work "social distance stickers", "saliva-proof desktop shield", "portable disinfection nebulizers", "ultraviolet disinfection lamps"

Work is about to resume globally, the new crown epidemic has not subsided, and a new Ebola virus has emerged in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The data show that the death rate of Ebola virus is higher than that of the new coronary epidemic.

Ebola virus is one of the deadliest viruses, with a biological safety rating of 4, which exceeds AIDS and SARS (AIDS level 3, SARS level 3, the higher the level, the stricter the protection), and the mortality rate is also high The Ebola virus infection rate is 53%-90%, and it broke out in the population as early as 1976. From 1976 to 1979, three large-scale outbreaks occurred in Sudan and Congo, killing 453 people, and then suddenly disappeared. In the following decades, this cold-blooded killer appeared many times and then suddenly disappeared. Until 2014, the Ebola virus suddenly broke out in West Africa. Soon, the number of deaths exceeded the previous total, and with the development of modern transportation, the Ebola virus first appeared outside Africa and caused global panic. As of 2016, this unprecedented outbreak caused more than 10,000 deaths.

In the face of the impact of the Ebola virus and the new crown epidemic, how should a company that has recovered its original shape take protective measures to restore its original shape?

1. Put stickers on the store floor to maintain social distance

2. Place a transparent baffle in the cafeteria, employees must not communicate with each other to prevent the spread of droplets.

3. Install a protective cover against spray foam on the desk of each employee.

4. Place no-clean disinfectant.

The virus is terrible, but as long as you have good health habits and buy Dongpin\'s anti-epidemiological supplies, you can work with confidence!

If you need to buy a large number of "social distance stickers", "saliva-proof desktop shield", "portable disinfection nebulizers", "ultraviolet disinfection lamps" and other products, you can contact the background customer service.

I hope this epidemic will subside soon, and the world will return to peace.

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