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Drinking juice every day is unhealthy?

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Apr 21,2021
In order to lose weight, give up sweets, and eat healthy, contemporary young people really spend a lot of thought on this matter. Especially when choosing beverages and coffee, it\'s best to bear with it if you don\'t drink it. The drink is unanimously considered healthy: freshly squeezed fruit juice. Is it healthy?

But, sorry, my friend, this is a point of knowledge that undermines your cognition: after squeezing fruit into juice, the main nutrient ingredient is sugar, especially the filtered juice, which is actually no different from Coke!
Not only that, drinking too much freshly squeezed fruit juice may also increase the risk of diabetes. The nutritional value is not as rich as the industrial juice in the supermarket. The only thing that can bring you is getting obese.

Therefore, if you spend a lot of effort to buy the juice squeezed by the wall breaker, if you drink too much, you will still grow flesh, do you dare to drink it?

In addition, no matter whether the juice is healthier than cola, there are actually many tips in life, but they are not very reliable-

For example: "Drinking a cup of yogurt when you are full is helpful for digestion", "If you treat fruit as a regular meal, you won\'t get fat", "Constipation, eat a banana to moisturize the intestines and stomach"...

Then you may ask: can\'t drink juice? What is a truly healthy diet?

Don\'t worry, we will share with you in the next issue what is a healthy diet for keeping fit.

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