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Health trap - medical care products

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Nov 05,2018

medical bedWith the emphasis on health, the proportion of medical care products in daily consumption has gradually increased. But have you ever thought about this question.Did you eat the medical care products correctly?

Here we give you examples of the abuse of medical care products.

1. Many girls know that vitamin E has the effect of helping beauty and health, indeed! However, if you take it in large quantities for a long time every day, it is very easy to cause a decline in people's immunity. In severe cases, symptoms of dizziness may occur!

2. There are also some elderly people who have eaten a lot of health supplements that help lower blood pressure, help lower blood sugar, and help reduce blood fat, leading to stroke, staying in medical bed for a long time, and long-term treatment to recover. Therefore, everyone must clearly identify the false propaganda of health products. Abuse of medical care products will lie in the medical bed.

There are two types of people who need to take medical care products: 1. People with nutrient deficiencies 2. Pregnant women, in order to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in infants. The rest of the population does not recommend the abuse of health supplements because it is almost nutritionally balanced in our daily diet. If you are a normal healthy person who does not need extra health supplements to supplement, you only need to balance the food and maintain the principle of food diversity, that is, eat 12 kinds of food every day, pay attention to exercise, proper body massage, and maintain a happy mood.

medical bed

How to keep yourself happy?

In fact, you can do this: 1. On weekends, you can go to the nail salon with your girlfriend. 2, go to the hair salon store to design a new hairstyle. 3. Make yourself a relaxing SAP on a massage table. Giving yourself a small surprise from time to time is also the secret to staying young and healthy.

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