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Oct 14,2019
Athlete mental health treatment is a guarantee to ensure the health and fairness of sports competitions.
The winner is the king. To be a king, you must rely on the right path.
The US anti-doping agency announced on the 11th that American swimmer Connor Dwyer, who was the gold medalist of two Olympic Games, was suspended for 20 months for taking stimulants. The arbitration team found that he had foreign illegal anabolic agents in his body. (testosterone granules).

The US anti-doping agency conducted an off-site doping test on Dwyer on November 15, November 27, and December 20, 2018. After the test, it was positive and was scheduled to be banned for four years. However, an independent panel of three people ruled that Dwyer was treated according to the doctor\'s advice and injected the injection into the buttocks, so it was appropriate to punish him for 20 months. (Aerobic health treatment for athletes cannot be ignored either.)

It is reported that Dwyer was treated with the advice of his life consultants and doctors, but they did not consult the US anti-doping agency for drug information, and the latter opened a hotline for athletes. Tegart, head of the US anti-doping agency, said: "Dwyer did not use the hotline. It is a pity. I hope his lessons will enable more athletes to take the lead and ensure the health and fairness of sports competitions."

Dwyer won the relay gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and won the 200m freestyle bronze medal at the Rio Olympics. His suspension date was from December 2018 to August 2020, so he missed the battle. Swimming in the 2019 World Championships and the Tokyo Olympics.

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