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Expired cosmetics that will ruin your face

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Dec 11,2018

Hospital BedWomen will never feel much more about buying clothes and cosmetics. I am a real example. Every time, merchants hold various product promotion activities, so every time we feel very cost-effective, but the more we buy, the more cosmetics that have not been opened yet! ! At the end of year, I found out that this bottle of BB cream has expired, and the make-up remover is almost expired, but I still have 2 bottles that have not been opened yet..... My heart has broken down, not only wasting money, but also Also ruined face Long acne, and peeling.....

In such a situation, you have to throw them away! ! Throw it away! ! Throw it away! !

Let me tell you now, what are the symptoms of using expired cosmetics?

1.make no difference

If you use unopened cosmetics, this kind of cosmetics will not cause much harm to the user's skin, If you continue to use it, please use it up as soon as possible!

2. Allergic inflammation

If you use a cosmetic that has already been opened, and the expiration time is long, symptoms such as allergies and inflammation may occur, such as rash, eczema, etc. Once you have symptoms of allergic inflammation, you should stop using it and go to the hospital.

3. Long pox long spot

The expired cosmetics that have been opened contain a large amount of harmful bacteria. After use, the bacteria will invade into the skin, causing the skin to be infected, and the acne may be spotted. After the appearance of long acne spots, you should stop using expired cosmetics, make the skin repair itself or use other skin care products to repair, in severe cases, you should go to the hospital for medical help. Hospital Bed

4. Make your baby suffer from meningitis or sepsis If pregnant women use expired cosmetics for a long time, the enterobacteria released from expired cosmetics will enter the baby's blood through the skin of the mother, causing the baby to suffer from sepsis and meningitis. Pregnant women should avoid using expired cosmetics.

Girls, rational consumption!

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