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What is in the professional athlete team?

Treatment Table
Sep 16,2019
What is in the professional athlete team?

What do the team doctors need to do? The duties of a professional team doctor are more detailed than what we imagined:

Injury management
2. Disease management
3. Injury prevention
4. First aid
5. Adaptability issues (time difference, heat, humidity and altitude)
6. Anti-doping
7. Optimize performance
8. Consultation

First aid kit:
1. Adrenaline injection, mainly to solve the severe dyspnea caused by bronchospasm.
2. Atropine injection to relieve the symptoms of gastrointestinal cramps.
3. Hydrocortisone injection, suitable for adrenal insufficiency and hypopituitarism.
4. Chlorpheniramine injection is suitable for nasal congestion caused by upper respiratory tract infection.
1. Eye care kit (eye pad, eye drops, eye wash, etc.)
2. Basic medical equipment (thermometer, stethoscope, otoscope)
3. surgical suture set, plaster
4. Universal splint
5. Sticky felt / foam
6. Ice bag
7. Condom
8. Intravenous set
9. Crutches
10. Mask
11. Oral airway tube
12 neck support
13 cooling spray
14 quick hemostatic cotton
15. Bandage (with glue / no glue)

The more professional the medical team, the better the athletes will be able to meet every game.

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