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Conductive heat therapy

Treatment Table
Apr 09,2019
Using various heat sources as a medium, the heat is directly transmitted to the human body to achieve therapeutic purposes.

1. Mud therapy: A method in which a variety of mud materials are used as a medium to be applied to a certain part of the body to transfer heat to the human body to achieve therapeutic effects.

2. Paraffin therapy: A method in which heat-melted paraffin is used as a warm medium and applied to the affected part to transfer heat to the human body for therapeutic purposes.

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3. Jade therapy: For example: Health Square warm physiotherapy instrument, using electric heating principle to heat jade to produce a large amount of far infrared rays, acting on the human body. The far-infrared rays are absorbed by the surface layer of the human body to generate a large amount of heat energy, and are transmitted to the deeper tissues under the skin, which activates the body cells, promotes metabolism, and enhances the body's immune function, thereby achieving the purpose of rehabilitation treatment.

In addition, there are hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, exercise therapy, cupping therapy, and electronic biofeedback therapy.

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