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People who are not suitable for massage therapy

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Sep 16,2019

Physical therapy and health care is getting more and more popular.

Work tired, go to massage and relax.

I am sick, and I also go to massage therapy.

But isn\'t everyone suitable for massage therapy? The answer is no.

So who is suitable for massage therapy, or is it not suitable for people? Don\'t worry about it, let me tell you.

Counting people who are not suitable for massage therapy:

1. Failure to clearly diagnose patients with non-vertebral injuries;

2. Patients with acute foot sprains;

3. Patients who are suspicious or have been clearly diagnosed as having a bone or soft tissue tumor;

4. Osteoarthritis, osteomyelitis, senile osteoporosis and other bone diseases;

5. Patients with severe heart, brain and lung diseases;

6. Hematological patients with bleeding tendency;

7. Patients with local skin lesions and skin diseases;

8. Pregnant women over 3 months of pregnancy

9. Patients with mental illness who cannot cooperate with a doctor;

10. Patients with various elbow joint diseases and acute lumbar disc herniation.

In addition, massage should not be full, preferably after 30 minutes after a meal.

Summary: The population that is not suitable for massage therapy has been counted out. If you have these symptoms, remember not to blindly massage the treatment. And to go to massage therapy, you must find a formal physiotherapy club, the massage therapy bed must also be formal. The hardness of the bed surface during massage also has a different effect on the spine, so the choice of the massage therapy bed is also very important. The physiotherapy bed is responsible for the patient, and the patient is responsible for himself. Reject an irregular massage therapy bed. The preferred physiotherapy bed for massage therapy beds.

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