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Five ways to prevent the elderly from falling

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May 22,2019
According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four Americans is over 65 years old. By 2030, the population of the United States aged 65 and over is expected to reach 71.5 million, almost double the population of 37 million in 2006.
The aging is getting more and more serious. We should pay more attention to the normal activities of the elderly. Falling is the thing we are most afraid of, paying attention to and telling the elderly how to prevent falls.
1. Practice Tai Chi and yoga to improve balance. Older people can enhance their strength and balance of confidence. These low-impact fitness activities can help stabilize and strengthen the body, making them more convenient and lighter.
2. Understand whether the drugs taken by the elderly have side effects. Some drugs may cause dizziness, dizziness and nausea after consumption. Always check with your loved ones to see if they are experiencing any of the above symptoms and to make sure they take the medication as prescribed. If there is a symptom of dizziness, someone must accompany the elderly to prevent the fall from being rescued in time.
3. If the balance is not enough, be sure to find a professional and reliable support point. For example: crutches, four-wheeled walkers and other balance aids.
4. Ensure that the vision of the elderly is normal. There is no doubt that poor eyesight increases the risk of falling of your loved ones - they may not be able to see or predict the dangers in their surroundings! People with glaucoma may be sensitive to light; they may close the blinds and darken the light, which by default makes the danger more difficult and greatly increases the likelihood of a fall.
5. Eliminate safety hazards in the home. Ensure that there is good lighting in the home and reduce the accumulation of debris in the home.
1) Make sure that the steps and handrails are normal and can be used without any hidden dangers.
2) Add contrast bars on the stair treads
3) Install the handrail bathtub and toilet
4) Be careful that the carpet will trip over the elderly
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These five practical ways to prevent the elderly from falling, we must share it! Because you let more people know that there is more than a happy family.

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