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Different physiotherapy and massage

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Apr 12,2019

Massage can be divided into two types: health massage and therapeutic massage. Some of the effects of these two massages are still different.

What is the difference between physiotherapy and massage?
The main functions of physical therapy are: dredge the meridians. Body-controlled electrotherapy is the use of electrical energy in the body to stimulate the gas and dredge the meridians. The human body's meridians are unblocked, and the blood and the blood, the blood and the benefits are not harsh, and the spirit is living, achieving the purpose of rickety and fitness. Promote blood circulation. After the bio-electric energy penetrates into the human body, the blood vessels are dilated, the blood flow resistance and the blood viscosity are lowered, the microcirculation is improved, the oxygen storage capacity of the cells is increased, and the ability to remove carbon dioxide is increased, which has a miraculous effect on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Massage can add vitality to your body. Can improve sleep and greatly improve sleep quality. Massage massage is based on different techniques to deal with certain special parts of the human body surface to eliminate fatigue, regulate body information, enhance physical fitness, overcome some dysfunction and accelerate blood circulation in the body.

Therapeutic massage table

The functions of the therapeutic massage table and the massage bed are different. The two beds must be distinguished and cannot be confused. Otherwise it will cause physical damage to the patient.

Therapeutic massage table We recommend DP-8280, this is a hydraulic therapeutic table, wide wide, solid frame, strong bearing capacity, suitable for professional therapeutic massage table!

The massage bed will recommend DP-G901, electric 3 motor, suitable for the masseurs who operate frequently.

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