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Oct 24,2019

DP have Treatment table samples in the US warehouse, reduce transportation time and cure snoring as soon as possible.

How to treat severe nasal snoring?

Snoring will not only affect the sleep of others, but also affect the quality of your sleep.

It also causes a variety of health risks, as well as complications caused by nasal discharge:
1. Cardiovascular system, respiratory diseases: snoring can lead to cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, arrhythmia, heart failure, coronary heart disease, etc., and may cause respiratory diseases such as pulmonary heart disease, respiratory failure and nocturnal asthma .
2. Nervous system diseases: Cerebral infarction caused by diseases such as epistaxis, cerebral hemorrhage, Alzheimer\'s disease, memory loss, depression and the like seriously damage the nervous system.
3. Endocrine system diseases: The nose may cause problems such as obesity, affecting problems caused by sleep growth and decreased growth hormone secretion in children.
4. It is easy to cause accidents: patients who have nasal discharge have poor nighttime sleep treatment, and their attention during daytime is not concentrated. The ability to complete surgery or exercise is greatly reduced. This is an important factor and accident that leads to work-related injuries.

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How to treat severe nasal snoring?

1. Strengthen physical exercise and maintain good living habits.
2, to avoid alcohol and tobacco hobbies, especially to avoid drinking before going to bed.
3. Reduce weight by 5%-10%.
4, the United States low temperature plasma technology is a minimally invasive treatment technology, can treat nasal secretions, and treatment on the same day.

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