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Walking Stick assisted foot rehabilitation

Treatment Table
Sep 20,2019
You are inconvenient to move, the Walking Stick is always at your side, and Dongpin Medical is always with you.

People who like to play basketball in life are the easiest to cripple. According to an X-ray, the bones are fine. Now it is a little puffy, can\'t force, can\'t run. After recovering, it’s really hard to sneak a few steps and slap the “habitual lameness”. Long-term pain in the ankle joint, how to protect the ankle joint and avoid repeated injuries to the ankle?

Ordinary lame treatment:
1. If the fracture is determined, this soft tissue contusion can be treated by oral administration of activating blood circulation to remove blood stasis.
2. Apply 24 hours after 24 hours,
3. Applying ointment will recover soon
4. Remember to do strenuous exercise during your recovery. More massage helps to reduce swelling.

When the ankle is sprained, the ankle can be protected by walking with a cane and wearing a protective gear to relieve pain and prevent secondary damage.
Orthopaedic experts say that the ankle of the ankle needs time to recover, and it will heal again. During this period, you need to strengthen your ankle by exercising, thus reducing the chance of repeated injuries.
If there is a "habitual lame" daily health rehabilitation method:
1. Lifting (squatting) is the most basic and safest way to train your ankle. Standing position, toes on the ground, up and down, can be weight-bearing in the later stage;

2. Elastic stretch with the instep, can strengthen the ankle and ligament strength, reduce the sports injury of the ankle, and increase the strength of the calf and Achilles tendon;

3. Elastic band with both feet valgus, the elastic band is placed on the outside of the feet, the heel is raised on the toes and turned outwards. This set of actions can increase the flexibility of the ankle and avoid injury due to stiffness.
4. Stand alone on one foot and do your best to maintain this position for a long time until you feel muscle fatigue and lose balance. Repeat the exercise for about 3 times on both the left and right feet.
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