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Part 2 Where to find a quality adjustable beauty bed?

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Oct 18,2018

In the last issue, we taught everyone how to judge a good beauty bed from the three elements of appearance. Today, we need to certify a quality adjustable beauty bed from other aspects.

adjustable beauty bed1. Bearing. A beauty bed can't be avoided by customers of different weights. Therefore, in order to give customers a good sense of experience, they need to have strong bearing capacity, and there will be no strong shaking when lifting. Because when choosing a adjustable beauty bed, you must check whether the chassis of the adjustable beauty bed is strong. Our Dongpin adjustable beauty bed can bear the weight of 5 adults, and the lifting will not shake when sitting on it, because our beauty bed chassis uses robot welding, which is more stable and firm than the old manual welding machine. During the use of the customer, the bed does not move up and down, allowing the customer to have a comfortable massage and sleep experience.

2. Leg details. A good adjustable beauty bed should not be static and can't be moved. In addition to being stable and firm, it is also convenient and flexible to move. Therefore, our beauty bed is equipped with hidden pulleys and different balance pads to ensure that the uneven surface of the bed can be adjusted at any time, so that it can move flexibly.

3. Motor. The product has entered an automated process, so the multi-motor beauty bed is an inevitable trend. But the motor is not the more the better, the motor can be equipped. In order to increase the price of the products, some merchants have placed five motors on the beauty bed. It seems that the functions are much better, but in fact some motors are not used at all. Moreover, the more the motor may increase the risk of motor damage, and we will consider the reasonable cost of the customer's consumption, so our products are developed in a humanized and people-oriented concept. Therefore, consumers should consider whether the function is really suitable for themselves. Our Dongpin this adjustable beauty bed is equipped with two motors, the first one, the backrest electric tilt function; the second one, the bed body is electric lift. adjustable beauty bed

4. Metal. The anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties of the metal parts are also related to the service life of the product. The anti-corrosion of the metal frame of the beauty bed is well done, and the service life can reach 10 years. The processes to be used for anti corrosion and anti-rust of hardware are as follows: 1. Electroplating; electroplating means that in the salt solution containing pre-plated metal, the substrate metal is used as the cathode, and the electroplating is used to pre-pred the plating solution. A surface processing method in which a metal plated cation is deposited on the surface of a base metal to form a plating layer. 2, high hardness powder. The dust-spraying metal frame is processed by a complex and high-hardness spray process to achieve no sag, no burr, anti-rust and anti-corrosion effect, and increase the aesthetic appearance! Although these two steps will increase the cost of production, I believe that the majority of consumers are willing to pay for high quality products.

Well, we have fully explained how to judge the judgment standard of a good adjustable beauty bed. If you still have doubts about picking a good adjustable beauty bed supplier, welcome everyone to visit our factory. If you have a friend in need, please write down your concerns in the message box or send us an inquiry, we will implement the time of the factory as soon as possible.

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