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Part 1 Where to find a quality electric beauty bed?

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Oct 15,2018

electric beauty bed

Where can I find a quality electric beauty bed? You are very fortunate that Dongpin has the products you want. 3 elements of a quality electric beauty bed:

1. Height. A massage bed that can be easily adjusted is a good massage bed, because the massage technician adjusts the height of the bed according to the different parts of the guests. It is just right that the height of the bed surface of the electric massage beauty bed of our Dongpin Beauty Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is 50-90 CM, and it is all electrically adjustable, which is easy to operate.

2. Leather. The leather of a good electric facial beauty bed must be thick and durable. It will not crack and pilling because of the friction. Our Dongpin Beauty Medical Technology Co., Ltd. recommends that you use PU synthetic leather.

PU - Polyurethane, PU leather is the skin of polyurethane. The artificial leather produced from PU resin is called PU artificial leather (referred to as PU leather), and the artificial leather produced from PU resin and non-woven fabric is called PU synthetic leather (referred to as synthetic leather). From the chemical structure, it is closer to the leather fabric, it does not use plasticizer to achieve soft properties, so it does not become hard and brittle, and has the advantages of rich colors and various patterns. The quality of leather will also affect the service life of the product. The service life of a good quality spa beauty bed is 8 years.

electric beauty bed

3. Sponge. The sponges selected by our company DongPin are medium soft sponges with high density and good rebound effect. The thickness of conventional soft body is 8 cm, 10 cm, 11 cm (combined by the above thickness sponge). The styling cotton is made of polyurethane material, mixed with various additives such as foaming agent, and can be pressed into a simple mold to press out different shapes of sponge. The quality of the styling cotton is good and stable, and it is also a market trend. Consumers should prevent the purchase of products with inferior sponges, and products that are often in contact with inferior sponges may cause skin sensitivity. So everyone must polish your eyes!

In this issue, we will explain the three main points of judging whether the electric beauty bed is good or bad according to the appearance. You can digest it first. If you still have questions, please write down your questions in the message area. Our Dongpin small secretary will reply you as soon as possible. In the next issue, we will judge the quality of the treatment bed in order to explain the hardware accessories, so stay tuned!

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