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Must to learn the autumn health massage!

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Oct 29,2018

The fall of 2018 has arrived. How much did your goal accomplish this year?

Do you still feel sleepy after drinking a lot of coffee?

In order to receive customers, you can't eat on time?

Will you be upset by the delay in delivery?

Did you go to bed early, get up early, exercise?

Is your face tight, rough, wrinkled?

The above situation is referred to as Autumn Syndrome. You can use massage to relieve these symptoms in busy urbanite.Pay attention to health care and massage.

You can welcome the spring of 2019 in spirit!

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, massage is also an important part of autumn health. Let's follow the guidance of experts to enjoy the comfort brought by self-massage.

foot spa massage

Rubbing the big vertebra to prevent colds

In the autumn cold invasion, it is easy to catch a cold. Every morning and evening, rub the vertebrae with the palm of your hand (the posterior neck and convex bone) until the fever can prevent the cold. As a top sale, how can you lack a strong body? !

Big vertebra is the Du Meridian acupuncture points , attending the head of the item with strong pain, cough and asthma.Most of the cold is invaded from the big vertebrae, and often rubbing this part can enhance the ability to keep out the cold. Modern research has proven that stimulating big vertebra can regulate human immunity. Therefore, often rubbing big vertebra points can really help prevent colds.

Facial massage anti-aging

Dry weather can cause severe water shortage and rough skin, especially when the face is often tight. It is recommended to adhere to the scientific method of face washing every day. First of all, pay attention to cleaning, only to completely remove the cosmetics, dust and secretions on the face, in order to maintain the skin's moistness. Secondly, if there are conditions, the water for washing the face is preferably soft water. The soft water contains less minerals and softens the skin. The cold water is better than the cold water directly connected from the faucet.Facial massage promotes blood circulation and metabolism, preventing skin aging, and is most admirable in the fall. Morning massage should be done in a straight line from bottom to top, because the muscles of the morning are still at rest, there is no need to do a wide range of force massage. In the evening, the purpose of the massage is to eliminate the muscle fatigue caused during the day, so it is necessary to follow the muscles and make a curve massage to stimulate the muscles as widely and efficiently as possible.

Massage the foot to strengthen the body

In China, we advocate to bathe our feet all year round. There are countless nerve endings in the palm of your hand that are closely connected to the brain, so you can strengthen your body by massaging your feet.

When washing the feet, the temperature of the water is generally maintained at about 40 ° C ~ 50 ° C, the amount of water is better to submerge the ankle. Soak your feet in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes, then massage your feet with your hands. The movements should be slow, light and heavy. At the beginning, the speed is slow, the time is short, and then gradually accelerate after adaptation.

In addition to the above health foot spa massage methods, you must also go to bed early, get up early, adjust your mood, add clothes to keep warm, and insist on doing quiet fitness.

This is our unique health massage method in China. I don't know if it is suitable for foreign friends. After you try, you can leave a message to us. Let's discuss the health tips that are suitable for the general public.

Finally, best wishes!

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