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The role of physiotherapy

Treatment Table
Apr 11,2019
Common role and special role
(1) Common role: such as congestion, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and so on.

(2) Special effects: such as low-frequency current causes muscle contraction; ultraviolet light promotes the formation of vitamin D; direct current electrolysis, electrophoresis, can introduce drug ions into the body; ultrasonic oscillation atomization; high-frequency electricity can cause internal production Endogenous heat, etc.


Direct action and reflection
(1) Direct effects: such as high-energy laser treatment of sputum, fetal sputum, hemangioma; ultraviolet light stimulates skin cells and sterilization; ion movement in DC electric field; ultra-high frequency electric field promotes dipole molecular oscillation and electrolytic plucking.

(2) Reflex: It is an indirect effect and is the main mechanism of physiotherapy. It is different from other therapies. It is the reflection and defensive reaction of the body to maintain and restore physiological balance, thus eliminating pathological processes.

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