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Benefits of electric bobath treatment bed

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Sep 16,2019

Benefits of electric bobath treatment bed
The rehabilitation therapist can train the healer in bed in various ways. And used for seat training in the soft palate period. Trainers can also combine other instruments in bed to perform various forms of rehabilitation activities.
Why is the electric bobath treatment bed so good?
1. The patient is comfortable and the rehabilitation therapist is comfortable.
2. Patients and family are assured and at ease.
3. The patient is safe and convenient to use.
4. Patients use intimate and more free.
High quality hot product:
Name of Product: Bobath Treatment Bed
Model: DP-8281
Dimensions: 200*120*920cm
Bed size: 131*120cm
Bed height height range: 48~92cm
Uses: Hemiplegia, cerebral palsy patients, patients with nerve center damage.
Material: The main frame is made of high quality steel pipe, electrostatic sprayed, high density foam sponge on the bed surface, and high quality PU leather.
1. Bracket, electrostatic spray is not white, the paint surface is thick, it is not easy to drop paint, and the pipe diameter is thicker than ordinary models.
2. The motor and the wheel are all made of high-quality brand, which can withstand long-term use and is not easy to wear.
3. Ultra-thick high-end custom leather, regular texture, delicate and soft, strong toughness, wear-resistant, can be wiped with water or alcohol, without peeling.
4. The bottom of the bed is made of high-quality leather, which is moisture-proof, tamper-proof, durable and washable.
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