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Dec 05,2018

I believe that at least you have been to a beauty salon for nursing. What is your experience in doing care?

Are you comfortable relaxing on a electric adjustable massage beds, or will you leave your heart in the electric adjustable massage beds?

Haha, my own experience is that the beautician will give me a face care, I will sleep immediately, and I want to block my ears. Because I can sleep, I can prevent her from selling products to me. The beautician's massage technique is really good, the electric adjustable massage beds is very comfortable, and I almost never notice the adjustment of the electric adjustable massage beds, because it is very quiet and stable. Every time I wake up from the electric adjustable massage beds, I feel that the whole body is like being reawakened. Every inch of skin seems to be full of vitality. Therefore, I strongly encourage girls to go to the beauty salon skin care experience on a regular basis. It is a must for women to invest more in themselves.

But now the beauty industry is booming and there are many informal beauty salons. Everyone must polish their eyes.If the beautician induces you to buy the product and you don't want to buy it.You must keep your head clear and firmly say no. If you are still not at ease, I would suggests that you must go to a large, regular beauty salon to reduce the situation of being cheated.

How to judge whether the beauty salon is formal:

1. There is no formal business license, the qualification of the beautician. How can such a delicate face be ruined??

2. Whether the electric adjustable massage beds can be operated normally and is not damaged. If you encounter a problematic electric adjustable massage beds, don't use it.

3. Whether the beauty equipment and tools are disinfected before use.

4. Is the beauty salon rigorous, clean and comfortable?

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