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Is your skin care right?

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Dec 03,2018

In the last two issues, we explained the knowledge of maintaining vulnerable parts. How do you feel after practicing?

Is it handy during maintenance, or is it a mess?

The skin is getting better and better in the case of self-maintenance, still do not know how to maintain skin care?

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There are specializations in the industry. We are not experts in beauty maintenance. Then we should work hard to make money, and keep the money to the professional beautician to help us dress up beautiful.

Now we will discuss what is medical beauty; medical beauty is not safe in the end; what is the difference between medical beauty and medical beauty? To use this weapon well, you must first thoroughly understand it, and you should come to understand medical beauty soon.

While paying attention to beauty and repairing the face, people pay more and more attention to health. This makes people feel that there are more and more side effects of skin care by cosmetics alone. Therefore, some people have put forward the concept of medical beauty technology, that is, relying on medical methods to maintain skin, Repair the face. Medical cosmetic technology quickly occupied the beauty market with its fewer side effects and faster performance.

Medical beauty is a series of treatments that are carried out by means of medical means, including drugs, instruments and surgery, in order to change the external shape, color and partially improve the physiological functions of the human body and enhance the aesthetics of the human body.

Let\'s talk about what projects are included in medical beauty?

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The first is the facial features: facial contouring, nose shaping, eye shaping, lip shaping, and ear shaping.

Body beauty includes: chest shaping, liposuction slimming;

Skin beauty includes: freckle skin, skin whitening, permanent hair removal, wrinkle firming, art tattoo, skin anti-allergy;

Non-invasive beauty includes: micro plastic surgery, anti-aging, youthful;

Oral beauty includes: tooth whitening, orthodontics, active denture restoration, oral treatment.

Our Dongpin Beauty Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has cooperated with beauty salons and medical institutions. We export up to 10,000

Pcs electric beauty beds every year around the world. which shows that even if we are far away, you use the electric beauty beds made by Dongpin and look at the article of Dongpin. In fact, the distance between our heart and heart is very high. near. In the next chapter, we will delve deeper into the pitfalls of medical beauty and what security issues to pay attention to.

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