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Human second heart - foot

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Apr 18,2019

The foot is the second heart of the human body. Both feet have the function of running blood, communicating with the organs, communicating inside and outside, and running through. Many of the acupuncture points that lead to the whole body meet at the foot. Chinese medicine believes that the foot is the root of the human being. There are six meridians in the body's twelve meridians in the foot. These meridians are the passages that run the blood, communicate with the organs, communicate with the table, and pass through the upper and lower. There are 33 acupuncture points on the foot. They are like organs on the assembly line. They play an important role in maintaining the smoothness of blood, the coordination of organs, the connection of whole body tissues and organs, and the regulation of life activities. The results of the study show that the health of the foot is closely related to the length of life of the person.

physiotherapy massage bed

There are many acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, which can be used to vibrate, massage and open these acupuncture points. Make the body's blood flow smooth. According to the theory of sole hologram, massaging the sole of the foot is equivalent to massaging many parts of the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine soles have two characteristics:
One is that anyone can perform it anytime, anywhere, and it is easy to control by pressing and tapping.
The second is based on the theory and diagnosis and treatment experience of Chinese medicine, which is scientific and operable.

1, knocking the soles of the feet or lame
You can eliminate the fatigue of the day by hitting the sole of your foot with your fist before going to sleep every night. By tapping the sole of the foot to properly stimulate the sole of the foot, the blood circulation of the whole body is enhanced, the visceral effect can be enhanced, and the spirit can be restored as soon as possible.
2, palms and feet tonifying kidney water

The advantage of this method is that the Yongquan point on the sole of the foot and the Laogong point on the palm of the hand can be massaged at the same time.
Unblocking the air of the human body, the air machine is smooth, the meridians pass, and the disease of the ear will naturally improve. And doing so helps to improve sleep, and it is also very beneficial for patients with high blood pressure.
3, sole friction
Many patients complained to the doctor that they were so worried or restless that they could not sleep in bed, twirling and turning their eyes to dawn.

If you want your legs to be good, you should always do massage treatments for your feet. We recommend that you go to the physiotherapy spa to do foot treatments, because you have to sit on a comfortable physiotherapy massage bed for a better experience. After finishing the foot physiotherapy massage, you will eat well and sleep well. Sticking to a foot treatment for a period of time can also improve the body's immunity, and have the effect of losing weight and fitness!
You do not believe? Try it and know that my recommendation is correct!

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