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Damage and rehabilitation behind football players

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Sep 16,2019
Damage and rehabilitation behind football players

As a fan you may only see the player\'s exciting moment, but you may not understand the sadness behind the athlete.
Everyone in Brazil has a football dream. Every child will play football on the street from an early age. This is not only their interest, but also their mission. In addition to the natural talent of Brazilian athletes, hard training is indispensable.
We only care about the game is not wonderful? Shooting the ball is not very powerful? But we have neglected a very important link, "the physical condition of the athletes, and whether it will affect the game."

You know that there are professional sports teams in the big sports events like the European Cup and the World Cup.
Do these medical teams include rehabilitation therapists?
What kind of services do they need to provide for athletes?

Rehabilitation physiotherapists are an indispensable part of the team\'s medical team.
The main responsibilities include:
1. Understand the athlete\'s physical condition, check
2. Measure their strength, body balance
3. Coordination ability, muscle function, respiratory and motor function, and development of treatment strategies.
Once a player is injured on the court, we need to make a simple judgment on the injury and give advice on whether to continue the game.
However, if the player is seriously injured, we also need to take some first-aid measures on site, including:
2. Disinfection
3. Stop bleeding
4. Pain relief
5. Wrap and fix
Rehabilitation physiotherapist\'s toolbox essential supplies:
1. Professional physiotherapy bed
2. Portable Foldable Portable Stretcher
3. Toolbox with disinfection function
4. Wheelchair, crutches
5. Ice bag, bandage, cooling spray
6. Alcohol cotton sheets, etc.

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