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Feeling on the gynecological examination bed

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Sep 19,2019
What do you feel when you lie on the gynecological examination bed? Will doubt, will worry?
Do you have regular gynaecological examinations? Have you gone to a regular hospital for examination?

It turns out that gynecological examinations will be painful. If you go to check, you need to pay attention to:
1. If you are afraid of pain, tell your doctor beforehand to remind the doctor to use the auxiliary tools.
2. If a small amount of bleeding occurs after the examination is normal, because the inspection is an auxiliary tool that will cause damage to the genitals.
3. Check the time to avoid the menstrual period.
4. The night before the gynecological examination, do not share the same room.
5. Before going to the hospital, you can simply rinse the surface of the vulva to keep it fresh and clean.
6. Do not clean the inside of the vagina before the examination, to avoid washing off abnormal secretions, affecting the doctor\'s correct diagnosis.

For gynaecological examinations, besides preparing yourself, be cautious about checking the health and safety of the hospital equipment.
To ensure your safety, the gynecology department should pay attention to these details:
1. First of all, we must observe whether the gynecological examination bed surface is safe and whether it is damaged.
2. Gynecological examination of whether there is a disposable canvas on the bed to check whether the bed is clean.
3. The location of the tool used by the main doctor is reasonable. If you see an exposed tool, you should have multiple eyes.
4. Is the disposable consumable tool brand new and clean?

Ladies must go to the gynaecological examination on a regular basis. If you have some doubts about your physical condition, go to the doctor as soon as possible, ask for your understanding, and seek peace of mind. I hope that everyone can be healthy, can always accompany the growth of Dongpin Medical Products Co., and have been reading our articles. Thank you.

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