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Hair loss crisis, save your hair

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Oct 23,2019
Within every six people, one of them will suffer from severe hair loss, so sales of global hair transplant chairs are growing.
Normal adults have approximately 100,000 hairs per person. Usually, the head dropped every day is within 100. This is called uniform hair loss, which is normal. However, if more than 100 hairs are shed each day, it may be pathological hair loss. You have to pay attention

Causes of hair loss
Androgenetic alopecia
2. The nerve hair loss pressure is too great, more hair will come back.
3. Postpartum endocrine alopecia, prolapse is prone to hair loss, ladies please be good, buy a package to buy cosmetics can cure all diseases.
4. Nutritional hair loss
5. Physical hair loss
6. Chemical hair loss
7. Infectious hair loss
8. Symptomatic hair loss
9. Congenital alopecia
10. Seasonal hair loss

The treatment of hair loss must first determine the cause of the disease based on the cause of the disease.
1. Hair loss caused by controllable factors (such as excessive pressure, taking a uniform drug), most of the hair loss can be improved after the cause is relieved.
2. Hair loss caused by genetic factors (androgenic alopecia) can be controlled by drugs that control hair loss or by hair transplants and other surgical methods that increase hair density.
3. If conditions permit, you can perform hair transplants to improve your image and restore confidence.

How to choose a practical hair transplant bed:
1. Fully electric adjustment, the backrest and seat cushion can be operated with the feet, freeing up hands for the convenience of the doctor.
2. Direct delivery from the US warehouse. 11.29 began to sell directly in stock in Texas, USA, which greatly reduced transportation time, and customers could buy Chinese goods at a cheaper price.

Professional Hair Transplants If you want to find a professional hair transplant chair, you can consult us on our website for an in-depth understanding.

Please contact us as soon as possible, and Dongpin can make special ODM / OEM for this product. We can customize it for you according to your needs.

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