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Child patient can’t be massage at random

Treatment Table
Oct 26,2018

hospital patient bedMassage is recognized to relieve stress, improve sub-health, and even treat diseases.

But today we have to correct it. If the child falls to the head and sprains, can’t be massage at random. Because random massage will cause the blood vessels to rupture and make the bleeding worse, it should be cold pack with ice pack. If there is a wound, it should be disinfected and wrapped with gauze to stop bleeding, and then immediately send the baby to the hospital for further treatment.

In the following 3 situations, parents must carefully observe and make emergency measures in a timely manner.

1. The baby falls unexpectedly from the patient bed , sofa, etc. If you touch the head, you must observe it closely. If the baby can cry immediately, cry after the mental state is good, the behavior is not abnormal, you do not have to worry too much.

2. If the baby does not cry, lethargy, pale, irregular breathing, or crying, jet vomiting, etc., should immediately take the baby to the hospital for medical treatment.

Chronic, such as brain damage, may appear in the seven days after a fall, so it must be closely observed in the next week.

3. If there is no skin damage or bleeding after the baby falls, pay attention to check for concave fractures and hematoma. At this time, you must not press the baby's head hard to avoid damage to the brain tissue. If your baby's head has a swollen bag, don't lick and massage at will, thinking that this will make the lump disappear as soon as possible.

After entering the doctor's diagnosis, parents can perform appropriate soothing massage for the baby's affected area according to the doctor's instructions.

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