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Don't hurt him twice!!

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Nov 07,2018

Every year, 40 million old people fall in China, and the fall has become the NO.1 killer of deaths for people over 60 years old. Falling is a serious threat to the health of the elderly. After falling down, the elderly usually need to stay in hospital therapeutic bed for a long time, and a series of complications, resulting in a linear decline in body function, and even life-threatening. Now that it has entered the winter, the actions of the old people are even more inconvenient. If you don't pay attention to it, it is more likely to cause danger to your life. So today we will talk about how to deal with the elderly after they fall.

hospital therapeutic bed

If you find that the elderly are falling, don't rush to raise it. If you move it at will, it may cause secondary damage to the bones and bones, causing more damage. Therefore, you should calmly observe the situation:

To confirm if the awareness is clear, Call the hospital immediately:

1. Have trauma, hemorrhage, stop bleeding immediately, dress up;

2. Have vomiting, turn your head to one side, and clean the mouth and nasal vomit to ensure smooth breathing;

3. Have convulsions, move to a soft surface or soft under the body to prevent bumps and abrasions. If necessary, place the teeth between the teeth to prevent the tongue from biting. Do not lick the limbs to prevent muscle and bone damage.

4. If breathing or heartbeat is stopped, first-time measures such as chest compressions and artificial respiration should be performed immediately;

5. Confirm the pain of the elderly. If the elderly have no pain, they can slowly raise them, but be careful not to use excessive force. But the old man feels that the body is particularly painful. Don't move blindly, otherwise the most serious situation will lead to paralysis.

6. Moving the injured elderly should also use a professional hospital therapeutic bed to lift, it is not recommended to carry the elderly. Don't hurt him twice after fall down !!

After the old man fell mishandled consequences will be very serious, long-term hospitalization, need to take care of his family, this will lead to the patient and family are tired. We may wish to instill the right care and help for the elderly. Please remember that prevention is better than cure.

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