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Magical therapy- light therapy

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Apr 03,2019

The treatment of the lowest damage in the physiotherapy world: light therapy.
Phototherapy is the use of sunlight or artificial light (infrared, ultraviolet, visible, laser) to prevent disease and promote the body\'s recovery. Daylight therapy has been included in the field of recuperation. Phototherapy in physiotherapy uses artificial light radiation.

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The advantages of photodynamic therapy are different from traditional surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It is selective for target tissues and damage, and can reduce damage to normal tissues. Compared with conventional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, photodynamic therapy has the following important advantages:
(1) The trauma is very small: the use of fiber optic technology avoids the trauma and pain caused by surgery such as thoracotomy and open surgery.

(2) Low toxicity: Photodynamic reaction is a method of local treatment. The part of the human body that is not exposed to light is not damaged and does not affect hematopoietic function.

(3) Good selectivity: The main target of photodynamic therapy is the diseased tissue in the illumination zone, which has slight damage to the normal tissue surrounding the lesion. This selective killing effect is difficult to achieve by many other treatments.

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(4) Good applicability: Photodynamic therapy is effective for different cell types of lesions, and the scope of application is wide. However, the sensitivity of different cell types to radiotherapy and chemotherapy may be different, and the application is limited.

(5) Repeatable treatment: the targeted cells are not resistant to photosensitizing drugs, and the patient does not increase the toxicity due to multiple photodynamic therapy, so the treatment can be repeated.

(6) Synergistic surgery can improve the curative effect: For patients with condyloma acuminata, when the corpus callosum is too large, it is necessary to use laser, freezing and other methods to remove the large corpus callosum, and then photodynamic therapy.

(8) Can eliminate the hidden lesions: the method of surface irradiation after photodynamic therapy can eliminate all the tiny lesions that may exist, thereby greatly reducing the chance of recurrence.

(9) It can protect the appearance and function of important organs: minimize the damage to the epithelial structure and collagen scaffold of the diseased organs, make the wounds less affected after healing, and maintain the intact and normal physiological functions of the organs.

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