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Don't be a massage couch potato

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Oct 09,2018

massage couchMany people, because of their work, don't have time to go lazy and don't exercise at the same time. They often go to massage and be a massage couch potato. But you know that if you have a irregular massage posture, it will cause some damage to your back. Therefore, our Dongpin massage couch supplier and health experts give you three tips for massage:

1. Massage place must choose a standardized beauty center, massage shop, health center. Avoid unprofessional technicians or unprofessional techniques during the massage and try to choose a more authoritative place.

2. The massage frequency is well controlled. You can't massage more than three times a week, so the best massage frequency is once a week. This is a good body rhythm and a good attitude to life. But don't make a massage couch potato , we should take the initiative to exercise, spend a little time each week to go outdoors, let the body and nature really touch. Massage is not a substitute for exercise!

3. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, after warming, you must drink plenty of water to keep warm. Don't be happy, drink cold drinks and eat spicy food.

Dongpin massage couch Factory wishes everyone good health and happy mood! Don't be a massage couch potato! massage couch

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