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Massage Equipment Expert Teach You Cervical Spine Exercise

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Sep 26,2018
Modern people\'s mobile phones do not leave their hands, often bow their heads to play mobile phones and sit in the office for a long time.

This type of person is most likely to suffer from cervical spondylosis.

Today, our Dongpin Massage Equipment Factory has become your massage medical expert to teach you a simple cervical spine exercise.

The movement is simple, but it can relieve the fatigue of the neck. As long as we keep exercising every day, we can stay away from the doctor.

Massage Equipment

First, rub the neck with both palms. Method: Rub the neck back and forth with the left palm. After meditation in the mouth, start pinching the back neck and then change the right hand to help the neck relax.

Second, look around and look forward to. Method: Turn the head 90 degrees to the left, stay for 3 seconds, then turn to the right, stay for 3 seconds, do two 8 beats.

Third, nod before and after. Method: Stretch the neck as far as possible, stay for 3 seconds, then lean back, stay for 3 seconds, do two 8 beats.

Fourth, the shoulders and neck. Method: Put your hands on the shoulders and the palms down. The arms will rotate 20-30 times from back to front and then 20-30 times from front to back.

Fifth, the neck competition. Method: Place your left hand on the back, the right hand arm on the chest, the palms stand up and push out to the left, while the head is looking to the right for a few seconds, then change the left and right hands.

Massage Equipment

Our Dongpin is a professional supplier of massage equipment. We have 15 years of experience and our massage equipments are exported to many regions. In November 2018, we will also go to the Hong Kong Beauty Show. If you are interested in knowing, you can contact us directly on this website, we will contact you immediately.

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