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How to choose acupuncture massage physiotherapy equipment

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Sep 07,2020

Acupuncture is a kind of medical treasure in our country. Acupuncture is also sold overseas due to its unique physiotherapy effect. Many foreigners come to China for acupuncture and moxibustion therapy. It can be seen that acupuncture and moxibustion therapy is very good, so how to buy acupuncture massage therapy equipment Well, the editor will teach you how to buy acupuncture massage physiotherapy equipment.
   Generally speaking, acupuncture massage physiotherapy equipment should be selected according to the purpose. For example, for general beauty and health care, you can choose a portable soft tap massager, but for special medical or sports use, you should choose a massager with variable strength.
   It is also reasonable to choose acupuncture massage physiotherapy equipment according to the site of action. Because people are uncomfortable in certain parts, they can often get obvious effects through massage. Therefore, you can choose different types of massagers or general massagers for back, hands, feet, and faces according to your special needs.

   The shell of acupuncture massage therapy device is made of plastic and metal. Generally speaking, plastic massagers with light weight, good insulation performance and good product quality should be bright, clean and free of blistering. If the metal shell of the massager has no ground wire, it may cause electric shock accidents if it accidentally leaks during use. In addition, check that the key switch should be flexible and reliable, and the accessories should be complete.


At present, there is no certain standard for high and low noise. Even if there are regulations, it is measured in decibels. The average person cannot easily judge whether it meets the requirements. When purchasing, you can turn on the acupuncture massage physiotherapy device, listen to the massager and listen. Generally speaking, the quality with low noise is good. If the sound is too loud, it is very detrimental to the treatment. In addition, the structure of the massager must be convenient for cleaning, adding lubricating oil and other maintenance needs. If you often go out with a massager, you should choose a lightweight portable massager.
The acupuncture massage physiotherapy instrument can provide us with physiotherapy effects through special acupuncture functions. If you have year-round backaches or muscle strains, you can use acupuncture massage physiotherapy at home to perform rehabilitation physiotherapy or relieve fatigue. Spend a lot of money, I hope this article can help everyone.

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