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Medical Treatment Table Selection Guide

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Jun 25,2019

Medical treatment table

1. Pay attention to the care of the Medical treatment table. Usually, the bottom of the Medical treatment table has a wooden frame, an iron frame sneeze, a stainless steel frame, and an aluminum alloy frame. Generally, the cost of the wooden frame is relatively high, followed by aluminum alloy and stainless steel frame.
Which one is the best? Choose the best choice for a Medical treatment table.
The Medical treatment table is used to give back to the guests! Massage, etc., how much more or less to touch the water, if you choose the iron frame, it will peel off the paint after a long time, it will rust, interface The glue will be opened at the office.
This way the Medical treatment table can no longer be used, which will affect the appearance.
The wooden frame is not the same, there will be no similar problems, and it looks high-grade, atmospheric.
2, the choice of Medical treatment table. Generally, manufacturers who produce Medical treatment tables will choose solid wood. When you choose a manufacturer, you must go and see what the manufacturer chooses.
The wood has the same ingredients and margins.
The quality of the material is the best, the stability is good, and it is not easy to break.
The edge material is a scrap, which has poor stability and is easy to break.
3, Medical treatment table purchase details. When choosing a Medical treatment table, you must try your hand to make a sponge for the Medical treatment table. Generally, the higher the sponge density, the better the sponge. The higher the density, the better the rebound. If you try to test the rebound elasticity of the bed by hand, you know that the sponge is good.
Medical treatment table

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