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Will you choose furniture in a physiotherapy shop?

Treatment Table
Oct 22,2020
1. Why are there always no customers?
2. Why can\'t the number of guests continue to increase?
3. Where is the key profitable place for store operations?
4. How to realize the recovery cost for 1 to 3 months after opening?
5. How to multiply profits quickly and steadily?
6. How to avoid the passive situation of waiting for the guests to come to the door and let the guests line up to come to the door actively?
7. How to build a stable and fast chain development system?
8. How to manage unique project characteristics so that peers cannot compete?

Summary and suggestions
●Technology has no standards
In order to get close to the customers, the physical therapists in many stores chat desperately with the customers. The chat is nothing. The point is to use the chat time to be lazy, the techniques are not in place, the strength is not enough, and they completely ignore the customer\'s feelings. Customers may not explain on the surface, but they can really feel whether you are attentive to service. Once the customer feels that your skills are not in place, then the possibility of entering the store again is small.

●No word of mouth, and no word of mouth effect
Before I went to the physiotherapy shop, I heard about the various bad things about this shop, and I blacklisted this shop before I even started contacting.
It is imperative to change the business model!
physiotherapy Commercial furniture
●Commercial furniture is not selected correctly
Many physiotherapy shops just want to buy some second-hand, non-professional physiotherapy beds and massage beds for customers to use cheaply. Every customer will never have one experience in the store. The hedonistic life of modern people is very demanding. The previous "just use it" method no longer works. Therefore, I recommend you to use -DongPin medical furniture equipment, DongPin\'s electric physiotherapy bed, multifunctional massage table, physician chair, professional tool cart and other products are always in stock. Factory direct sales, high quality, 18 months warranty.

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