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Say goodbye to the nasal examination chair

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Sep 18,2019

Are you afraid to be examined by a nasal doctor while lying on the examination chair? If you are afraid, you should take good care of your nose.

Living in a modern metropolis, we inevitably come into contact with dust, PM2.5 and other waste-contaminated air every day. As the main passage for human air in and out, the nasal cavity is an important checkpoint to reduce the inhalation of polluting gases and ensure health. Are you concerned about your nose? Do you have a nasal examination regularly?

Ways to protect your nose:
1. Try to go to places where there are too many people and dirty air. It is recommended to wear a mask when going out.
2. Do not stay in an air-conditioned room with a low temperature for a long time. Large indoor temperature difference or large change in dry humidity can also cause nose discomfort and induce rhinitis.
3. Do not cut your nose hair casually. The nose hair that reveals the nostrils can be trimmed. Do not put the small scissors into the nasal cavity to trim.
Nose hair is the first respiratory defense line to block external pollution, which plays an irreplaceable role in protecting the health of the nose.
4. Do not use nasal drops, carefully destroy the nasal mucosa, affecting the normal physiological function of the nose.
5. Exercise. Strengthening exercise and enhancing the resistance of the nose and respiratory tract are the most fundamental measures.
6. Clean the nasal cavity. Cleaning the nasal cavity can make the nasal hair not bundled on the mucous membrane, and better play its role of filtering air; it can also remove many pathogenic bacteria and reduce the chance of infection.
7. Pay attention to nosebleeds
Nose bleeding is a common symptom that can occur in old, young, male, and female. There are many reasons. If bleeding is not only recommended, see a doctor in time.
8. Always check your nose for discomfort.

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Take care of your nose, always pay attention and check the health of your nose.

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