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10 reasons for increased blood pressure

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May 24,2021
The trend of hypertension is getting younger and more common. Yes, why did I have high blood pressure when I was young?
In fact, there are many causes of high blood pressure. For example, age, genetics, obesity, stress, etc. can make people unconsciously increase blood pressure. Here are 10 reasons to increase blood pressure, with some tips to stay away from high blood pressure. It is recommended that you collect and read it every day.

First place: age
The older you are, the higher your risk of high blood pressure.
Arteries gradually harden with age, so the risk of increased systolic blood pressure is higher. In order to delay the tendency of blood vessel hardening, you may wish to eat more foods that can soften blood vessels, such as tomatoes, apples, grapes, kelp, garlic, onions, etc. Taking "statin" drugs is also a good choice.
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Second place: genetic
If you have a family history of high cholesterol, you should pay more attention to your health. High cholesterol will harden your blood vessels prematurely, and you will be at risk of increased blood pressure when you are young. However, paying attention to daily diet, active exercise and regular health checks can largely avoid this increase in risk.

Third place: gender
Men are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure than women. This is related to the bad habits they tend to develop, such as smoking, alcoholism and staying up late. But this does not mean that women do not have to worry, bad lifestyle habits can also cause vascular damage and increased blood pressure.

No. 4: Overweight
Overweight and obesity are important factors that lead to high blood pressure, but they vary from person to person. People who have a lot of fat on their abdomen, buttocks, and thighs need to pay more attention to the risk of high blood pressure. Therefore, reducing excess fat not only relaxes the body, but also makes blood vessels healthier.

5: High-salt diet
Some people are very sensitive to salt intake. If you eat more, your blood pressure will rise. The safest way is to control the intake of salt, for example: ①Measure the salt content during cooking; ②Check the label before eating processed food; ③Fast food contains high salt content, so it is not recommended to eat more.
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Sixth place: Alcohol
Long-term heavy drinking can cause abnormal blood pressure. Therefore, you should limit the amount of alcohol you drink every day, and it is best not to drink alcohol. It is necessary to drink alcohol, beer does not exceed 300 ml, red wine does not exceed 100 ml, white wine does not exceed 50 ml (equivalent to 25 grams of alcohol), women should be halved.

No. 7: Stress
Stress is an important factor that damages health and may also cause blood pressure to rise. Whether it is due to work pressure or other stressful events, you should avoid or control bad emotions, relax yourself and maintain a healthy and happy mood. Blood pressure will also stabilize.

No. 8: Contraceptives
Studies have found that long-term use of short-acting contraceptives may increase the risk of hypertension. Therefore, people who regularly take birth control pills should pay attention to monitoring their blood pressure.

No. 9: Drug side effects
The drug has more or less potential side effects. Some cold medicines, allergy medicines or hormone medicines may cause blood pressure to rise. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor before taking long-term medications and tell one\'s medication history to avoid complications such as increased blood pressure.
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No. 10: Lazy Life
Sitting on the sofa and staring at the TV and mobile phone motionlessly will not only increase waist circumference, but may also make high blood pressure appear quietly. Inactivity can cause blood vessels to narrow and cause abnormal blood pressure. Therefore, separate your legs and ask yourself to do exercises, sweating exercises, such as jogging and swimming.

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