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5 types of people focus on protecting the knee

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Apr 27,2021
The knee joint is a very important part of the human body, but people’s knowledge about the knee joint is still lacking. First of all, the knee joint is the largest and most complex joint in the human body. Let me show you a picture of the structure first.
The picture we see now is the basic structure of the knee joint. From the picture, you can see the big bones on the upper side and the bones on the lower side (the calf bones), and then add a small bone skull. These three bones constitute the complete knee joint of the human body.
As shown in the figure, on the top of the knee joint, we can see a pale white cartilage, and the upper and lower gray are hard bones. The thickness of cartilage is the thickest in the knee joint. Its value lies in its wear and tear throughout its life. As your cartilage wears down and becomes thinner, your knee joint will become more and more painful.

Who should pay special attention to our knee joints:
1. Hypertension 2. Arthritis 3. Digestive system disease 4. Anemia 5. Depression

  • 1 Obese people

High blood pressure puts a lot of pressure on the knee joints. In fact, in knee joint diseases, we can find that people who exceed the standard weight at about 37 years old account for more than 20% of the total population, and the risk of obesity and joint diseases in men is 1.5 times that of the standard weight, and women reach it. 2.1 times. Then we can see that in this serious knee joint disease, so far, the number of men has increased to 1.9 times, while the number of women has increased to 3.2 times. Various data indicate that obesity may be a very important risk factor leading to severe knee osteopathy. Therefore, obese people must pay attention to weight loss.

  • 2. People with arthritis

Many people say that whenever people with arthritis start to hurt their knees, it proves that the weather is getting colder. And it is very accurate. Because the blood circulation of the human knee is poor, the knee joint is very fragile, and it is necessary to pay great attention to keeping the knee warm. It is not feasible to blow fans and air conditioners directly on your knees.

  • 3. People with digestive system diseases

Suppose a person suffers from diarrhea and indigestion for a long time, leading to malnutrition. Malnutrition can lead to premature aging of bone metabolism and articular cartilage. Cartilage is to protect our bones. If the bones touch the bones, the feet will definitely be very painful. With the protection of cartilage, the collision between them will be reduced, and the legs will move normally.
Therefore, if there are stomach diseases and biliary diseases, these diseases of the digestive system must be treated in time. A person\'s nutritional status will directly affect many joint diseases in the body.

  • 4. People with anemia in adolescents

Long-term women with menorrhagia, and even people with long-term hemorrhoids bleeding should also be treated in time. Anemia will gradually lead to poor blood circulation around the joints and frequent knee pain.

  • 5. Patients with depression

According to reports in the literature, people with high blood pressure, depression or depression can affect knee complications. At this time, we think that the depressive state has changed the person\'s posture. This person\'s posture may be bent into a hump, which puts a very heavy burden on the knee joints. People think that this burden may be caused by depression, so when we pay attention to emotions, especially for patients with depression, we must pay attention to whether there are some problems in the knee joints.

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