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3 tips for choosing hospital furniture

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Aug 26,2020

The procurement of hospital medical equipment and materials is a highly technical, humane, and highly customized work. It requires serious market research and comprehensive evaluation of hospital furniture procurement technical data, and understanding the basic performance and technical parameters of hospital furniture products. It not only meets the procurement needs of medical furniture, but also purchases cost-effective products. The purchaser of hospital furniture can entrust an agency company to invite hospital furniture companies with human design capabilities to conduct a program design campaign for the medical furniture that the purchaser intends to purchase. It is required to provide detailed parameter descriptions for the configuration, quantity, performance, technical indicators, materials and environmental protection of the hospital furniture provided, and the candidate enterprises are required to draw the production drawings and renderings of the hospital furniture, and the purchaser selects high-quality solutions.

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Difficulties in purchasing hospital furniture and solutions:

1. The hospital furniture configuration involves a wide range, large changes in technical specifications, various types and series, and many factors that restrict product prices and quality;   

2. The quality of hospital furniture is highly dependent on the supplier\'s equipment and processes, and it needs to be completed with special equipment, which brings difficulties to the later acceptance of medical furniture purchase;   

3. Market competition in the hospital furniture industry urgently needs to be regulated. It is difficult to determine the procurement evaluation indicators for products with specifications provided by different suppliers. After the hospital furniture procurement plan is determined, physical samples can be made first. For non-batch hospital furniture products, each department and space has different requirements in terms of specifications, but the materials are actually similar. Physical samples or even color palettes can be used. Purchasing hospital furniture can simplify the content and pursue the consistency of the performance, technical indicators and specifications of the physical procurement products. This makes the supply more targeted, reduces costs, and reduces the difficulty in determining the evaluation indicators in the procurement of hospital furniture, which is beneficial to the purchaser to simplify the evaluation process and improve procurement efficiency. For example, ward medical furniture, how many pieces of manual double-rocker hospital beds, stainless steel manual double-rocker hospital beds, bedside tables and chairs, etc. are included. The purchaser may require the supplier to provide a certain number of color palettes as a factor in the technical evaluation. Using physical samples, the physical samples provided by suppliers are not only evaluated visually, but can also be tested by instruments. The physical samples are sealed and stored as a reference for the final acceptance of hospital furniture. Proper use of this method can solve the problem of difficult detection of hospital furniture products.  

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