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Elderly sedentary susceptible disease

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Apr 16,2019
Around our lives, many elderly people who are retired at home, in addition to a small amount of exercise every day, spend most of their time watching TV. They stay at the TV all day long, staring at the TV and watching TV dramas to pass the time. As everyone knows, watching TV for a long time in the whole day will cause many diseases.

Watching TV for a long time can cause insufficient blood supply to the brain.

Many elderly people often watch TV for three or four hours without leaving the sofa. They will sit in front of the TV for a long time. If you hear the phone ringing or knocking on the door, you need to stand up suddenly. The blood flow rate is reduced, and sudden changes in body position often cause dizziness and falls in the elderly, leading to sudden brain hemorrhage, cerebral infarction and other accidents.

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Watching TV for a long time can cause a significant reduction in vision.
Due to the gradual increase of the age of the elderly, the various organs of the body are obviously reduced and aging, especially the visual nerve becomes extremely fragile, and the screen light of the TV is strong, and the color changes rapidly, and the elderly look at it for a long time. Television can cause excessive fatigue in the visual nerves, and the accumulation of time will increase the speed of vision loss of the elderly. Therefore, the elderly should stand up every time they watch TV for an hour, and look at the distant scenery to alleviate the excessive fatigue of vision.

Watching TV for a long time can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Nowadays, some TV dramas, especially Hong Kong and Taiwan dramas, many of which are bloody fighting scenes, and some "ghost films", stimulating the horror story, often lead to high nervousness of the elderly, the nerves of the elderly for a long time with the plot The ups and downs, ups and downs, big sorrows and joys, their hearts are always hung, the accumulation of heart and mind, often lead to heart and blood cerebrovascular diseases such as heart attacks and cerebral infarction. It is recommended that the elderly try not to watch TV dramas with horrific and violent scenes, but choose those health-care and entertaining TV programs to watch and prevent excessive fluctuations in emotions.

Watching TV for a long time can cause kidney and cervical disease.
As the body of the elderly increases with age, the lumbar vertebrae, cervical vertebrae and lumbar muscles are more severely degenerated or atrophied. If you keep a posture for a long time, bend your neck and bend your back to watch TV, it will often lead to the elderly. Suffering from cervical spondylosis, lumbar osteoarthritis or lumbar disc herniation, the elderly have back pain, neck stiffness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and limited mobility. Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly choose to sit in a chair with a hard backrest and watch TV. After watching the TV for an hour, properly move the neck and waist, each time for no less than 10 minutes, and then continue watching TV. should.

If the elderly do not exercise diligently, you must accept the baptism of a fierce physiotherapist and a "cold" physiotherapy massage bed. I hope that the elderly will be more active and less sick, so you will always say "goodbye" to the physiotherapy massage bed! However, if you are sick, you should seek medical advice promptly.

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