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A bad spine makes you look old.

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Aug 31,2020
Since when did you feel older?
Are wrinkles crawling on the face, is the skin tone starting to become dull, is it gradually darkening, or is it lack of energy?
I think the problem that more people encounter is that their age and appearance are not related to the word "old" at all, but their posture is very old.

I believe you can also feel that the bad condition of the cervical spine can make people feel aging. More importantly, these people are still far away from the "old", but they have already fallen into cervical spine disease.

Physiotherapy treatment

Here, everyone must first self-check the health of the cervical spine, and see how many of them have these conditions:
1. Stiff and painful neck, limited range of motion
2. When you turn your head, you will hear the rattle of bones
3. The head often tilts forward unconsciously
4. The neck is often stiff
5. Often feel dizzy and headache
6. Stiff shoulders, chest tightness, back discomfort
7. Numbness in fingers and arms
8. Stuffed nose is difficult to heal throughout the year
9. There is a bulge near the big drop point behind the neck (Muscle enlargement)
10. The neck is thicker and the meat is thicker
treatment massage
In the era when mobile phones and computers are very popular, many people\'s aging should start from the cervical spine. If you don’t believe me, please refer to:
TCM interpretation of the importance of cervical spine
The seven cervical vertebrae of the human body are an important part of the spine. According to Chinese medicine, the route of the blood line happens to be on the back and extends from the bottom to the top in the direction of the spine. Therefore, the smooth flow of blood and acupoint channels is closely related to the health of the spine.
The cervical spine is adjacent to the head, which is the most important channel for the upward transmission of Qi and blood. Any cervical spine problems will affect Qi and blood to feed the head. I always feel that my head is not flexible enough, I can\'t concentrate and feel like an old man. Cervical disease is likely to affect the blood supply to the head.
Therefore, physiotherapy massage is getting more and more attention. The people who love beauty exercise more, sit less, and lie less.

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