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How to choose a suitable physiotherapy massage bed?

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Sep 22,2020
Many people in charge of massage and physiotherapy shops stated that beds are important equipment in massage physiotherapy shops. They know that a massage physiotherapy bed is based on what kind of sentiment the client is carrying. Especially stressed customers will want to lie down and relax here. The comfort of the massage physiotherapy bed plays a key role in their physical and mental enjoyment and satisfaction. If due to the defect of the massage physiotherapy bed, the customers are constantly troubled, and the customer has a bad experience, it may cause the loss of the customer. This loss can be prevented for the massage physiotherapy shop.

In order to prevent the loss of customers caused by this reason and improve the service quality of massage therapy shops, how do we choose a suitable massage therapy bed?

The classification of raw materials for massage physiotherapy beds, general massage physiotherapy bed bottom frame has wooden frame, iron frame spray, stainless steel frame, aluminum alloy frame, the cost of general wooden frame is relatively high, followed by aluminum alloy and stainless steel frame. Among them, the iron frame is relatively affordable, and the fastness is also reliable. The disadvantage is that the paint will fall off and the joints will open. The stainless steel frame is recommended to be used in places such as bathing, rubbing back or water bed, etc., even if the moisture is high and the humidity is high, it is not easy to rust. The iron frame looks very lubricated, and it is not easy to rust, and it is easy to weld into a strong one, but it is not as rust resistant as stainless steel in a place that is too wet. The massage physiotherapy bed with solid wood bed frame also has a higher reliability and a higher level, but due to the higher cost, the price is also higher.

Soft bag structure: The filling in the soft bag is generally mixed with hard and soft sponges to ensure a certain degree of comfort while also ensuring the non-deformation and high resilience of the bed. There are many materials for fabrics blending with leather, generally there are imitation leather, PU leather, microfiber leather, real leather, etc. Fabric fabrics can also be used.
physiotherapy massage bed
The normal size is: length 190cm*width 70cm*height 65cm. When the shop owner buys a massage physiotherapy bed, he can choose a suitable massage physiotherapy bed according to the store decoration size, style, and price budget. General fabrics, standards, dimensions, and raw materials can be customized .

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