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DP-T601 Disinfection Medical Sterilizer Trolleys

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DP-T601 Medical Disinfection Trolley
  • Medical Disinfection Trolley
  • Medical Disinfection Trolley
  • Medical Disinfection Trolley
  • Medical Disinfection Trolley
  • Medical Disinfection Trolley
  • Medical Disinfection Trolley

DP-T601 Medical Disinfection Trolley

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    DP-T601 Medical Disinfection Trolley
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    N.W.:30kgs G.W.:35kgs
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    various colors available
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T601 sterilizing trolley is specially designed for small operation rooms 

and Surgical treatment rooms.


The tools used for wound treatment or micro surgery must be strictly sterilized.  

Under normal circumstances, the tools will be sterilized by the clinic and then 

assigned to the corresponding department. 

During this transfer, the tools are exposed to air and may have bacteria attached 

to the tool, but this trolley can help you avoid this embarrassing situation.

In the department of surgery, the sterilizing tool is equipped with the 
sterilized tools when surgical operations are needed!


Convenient! Safe! Not only reflects the professionalism of the clinic, 

but also reflects the guests' meticulous service attitude!


Its core value is disinfection function. When sterilizing, a good seal 
ensures that the personnel are not affected by UV disinfection, while 

the internal UV intensity is sufficient to kill bacteria, ensuring safe 

use of the process 100%.


It uses a sliding table and drawer compound design, with medical wheels 

can be moved within a certain range of the clinic. The inspection 

instrument can be placed on the slide table for easy taking.


The first drawer is used for sterilizing. The second and third layers 

are used as storage. A sterilizing trolley can meet the requirements of a 

small clinic or a surgical department! Safe and efficient!


 DP-T601 DongPin's large-volume pricing discounts saved us a significant amount of money.

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